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What have you and your family been doing during the COVID-19 pandemic?My family and I have eaten wayyyy too much food and done entirely too much online shopping. My husband has created a home gym in our garage our of random objects, the kiddos have been playing non-stop in their play room and watching an obscene amount of television, and I, per usual, have been at my desk working all. the. time.

children's photography austin tx
children's photography austin tx

I never take the time to introduce my kiddos to my clients, or ever talk about my family. It is such a huge part of who I am that I feel obligated during this time off to give everyone a peek into behind the scenes at my house with recent Lifestyle Photoshoot I photographed.

children's photography austin tx

First up is my first born baby, Hayden. This curly headed girl is three years old, and was born November of 2016. Hayden spends her days playing with her pet snails and letting them crawl and slime all over her (so gross lol), watching “toons”, playing with her brother, peeking at the neighbors through the fence in the back yard, and all of the other weird three year old things, such as eating all of the food in sight and never wearing clothes. Speaking of, what has your grocery bill been like since this all started? Ours is $1000+ a month now. I CANNOT.

children's photography austin tx

Second up, is my baby boy, Roman. Roman is 15 months old and was born in January of 2019. Roman was born three days before my husband came home from his last deployment. Fat boy spends his days eating all of the food in sight by asking for “more”, which he says like “mo.” So he walks around saying “mo… mo… mo…” all day LOL. His usual daily food consumption is 2+lbs of food. Send help.

children's photography austin tx

My husband and I decided to stop reproducing after we had one of each, so this is all we’ll ever have lol. They’re so cute that I wish we would have had just ONE more. As much as they eat, we would be broke so I’m glad we stopped at two hahaha.

children's photography austin tx

We also have two doggos, Moo and Coco, a poodle and a chiweenie, who are 4 and 5 years old. Moo was born in December of 2015. I bottle fed ALL 10 of his siblings from day 1 post-birth and we kept him. Maybe I will do an upcoming blog on the doggos if I get enough interest!

children's photography austin tx

We live here in Killeen, Texas because my husband is currently active duty military here at Fort Hood. We currently rent our house and are sooooo excited to buy our forever home this upcoming year! After six years in the service, we are so drained from the day to day life of it. The stress is unreal, so we are looking forward to the normalcy of the civilian life. We are looking into the Waco, Austin, and San Antonio areas, but everything is still so up in the air! Comment below if you have area suggestions.

children's photography austin tx

I’m definitely sad to be leaving all of my current clients, but the good thing about Texas is that most of my clients can still travel to me within an hour or two. I’m hoping to keep most you guys as clients!

children's photography austin tx
children's photography austin tx

I think that’s all I’m going to share for now. After all, what would we talk about at your shoot if I spilled all of the beans on my blog? Lol.

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