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Custom 10x10 Portrait Album
austin newborn photography studio

This past October we had our family photos done by Willow Tree Photography by Alicia Miller. I custom designed this portrait album for my family and oh. my. gosh. I literally (LITERALLY) cried when I took it out of the box because it was so beautiful! The distressed leather, the cursive debossing of the year and our family’s name, the layflat design, the page thickness, the pure weight (this thing is about 10lbs), everything about this album is so, so perfect.

Note: Zoom in on your phone to see album quality!

All of my custom albums come with a complimentary storage box. Whether you decide to display your album on a shelf or coffee table, or store it to look at when you’re old and wrinkly, I’ve got you covered! This makes this album my top seller, especially to my military clients who move frequently, as they don’t want their heirloom to be broken or damaged.

austin newborn photography studio
austin newborn photography studio

I am beyond excited to have this Custom 10×10 Album to look back on in the years to come. A lot of my clients come to me and say “I don’t want an heirloom, it’ll just collect dust on the shelf.” An heirloom is not for you right now. An heirloom is for when you’re old and wrinkly and in the nursing home and want to look back on and feel the story of your family. I can say, however, I ordered myself a small album of my kid’s Christmas photos and I have opened it three times since December. They’ve changed so much since I took them!

austin newborn photography studio
Custom Album Debossing

My clients have the option to deboss their album with anything they want. Birth stats, date of birth, or just their baby’s name, the options are truly endless. You also get to choose from over 30 custom covers, making your album one of a kind and non-replicable. I chose to get custom debossing of the year our photos were taken and my family’s name!

austin newborn photography studio
austin newborn photography studio
Lay flat pages for parallax photo viewing.

All of my albums are lay flat albums for parallax page viewing! This means that you can do a series of photos in a row, or a whole image laid out over 10″x20″, without have a fold in the page like a book would. An example of the image series is shown below, and it is a frequent design element in my custom albums, which my clients love and highly request in their albums.

austin newborn photography studio
austin newborn photography studio
Super thick pages for longivity!

I also order all of my albums with the thickest page options possible for longevity purposes. Only the highest quality products for my clients. These pages are so thick and yummy that you can bend them and there wont be any damage. Who does that? I hope no one. Lol. But rest assured, I’ve got ya covered on that end, too!

I am being 100% honest when I say that I hadn’t opened up our family photos on my hard drive ONCE since October. They would’ve sat there for years. When the album was delivered to my door, I was rushing to the door like a kid who hears the ice cream truck, I quickly opened the box and album, and all of the emotions that I felt at the time of our photo shoot came rushing back to me. I firmly believe in printing your photos because the feeling of holding them is indescribable.

austin newborn photography studio
10×10 size – perfect for any book shelf!
austin newborn photography studio
My baby girl enjoying the heirloom that will one day be hers!

This is why I offer the experience that I do, the luxury service that I do, because when I opened that box I personally felt the feelings that come with being my client, and it was amazing.

If you are interested in a custom portrait experience with Haili Barton Photography, learn more here!

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