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austin maternity photographer

Are you interested in a studio maternity photoshoot with Haili Barton Photography? Haili Barton is a premier, luxury maternity photographer located in Temple, Texas. Haili serves Austin, Texas and surrounding areas with a fine art, editorial approach to her maternity images that is unmatched in central Texas.

Studio Maternity Photo Shoot in Austin, Texas
Maternity Photo Shoot in Austin, TexasVintage, earthy, timeless maternity photo shoot.

Haili’s aim is to provide expecting mothers with a pampered shoot date, providing hair and makeup services, as well as all of the gowns and props necessary for their shoot to her clients.

Studio Maternity Photo Shoot in Austin, Texas
Modern nude maternity portraiture.

Tasteful nude portraiture is a specialty of Haili’s, and the reason that many of her clients choose to come to her for their studio maternity photo shoot. Most of Haili’s clients prefer to work with a female for this type of imagery.

Studio Maternity Photo Shoot in Austin, Texas
Black and white studio maternity portraits.

Haili provides a full service studio maternity photoshoot experience to make her clients experience as stress free as possible. What do I mean by “full service portrait studio”? Haili sets the shoot date and reveal date, sets up hair and makeup services to be performed at her studio on the morning of your shoot, takes care of editing, ordering, and delivering her clients products to their home once they come in. Your shoot is literally as simple as coming in your pajamas and taking photos. Haili takes care of EVERYTHING for you, from start to finish.

Studio Maternity Photo Shoot in Austin, Texas
Tasteful nude studio maternity portraiture.

Haili strives to produce beautiful, timeless, maternity portraits that accentuate the beauty in her client’s pregnancies, as well as providing and timeless products to display her clients images. Haili’s client favorite product for displaying their maternity images is a folio box. The folio box is really a statement piece. Not only is the box itself hand made in Italy with a view front window for a ledge or fireplace mantle, but clients LOVE it because you can take the images out and form a collage on your wall if you’d like!

Studio Maternity Photo Shoot in Austin, Texas
Studio Maternity Photo Shoot.

Haili’s clients have an opportunity to request specific looks and set ups for their maternity photoshoot, as long as it is in line with her portfolio. This client in specific requested an African inspired look for her shoot. Haili’s clients usually leave the styling up to her. They never know what they’ll see at their shoot! From fabric drapes and fine art gowns, to beautiful statement piece necklaces, Haili has everything needed for your shoot at the studio.

Studio Maternity Photo Shoot in Austin, Texas
African inspired studio maternity shoot.

Some of Haili’s clients come to her for simple studio set ups in addition to the glam look. It’s timeless, it’s modern, it’s classic, it’s NEVER going out of style! Haili’s clients get a HUGE gallery to choose from. You really get a little bit of everything, and then choose how you want to display your favorite images.

Studio Maternity Photo Shoot in Austin, Texas

When choosing a studio maternity photographer for yourself, you need to think of a few things before hand to ask yourself, or even your photographer when inquiring.

  • Do you like their style? Your photographer’s editing, lighting, and posing all needs to be top notch. Who wants to go to a shoot and feel bad about themselves afterwards? My clients come to me to leave empowered during a time where they feel very vulnerable.
  • Do your prefer nude, clothed in fine art gowns, or just plain dresses on one simple backdrop? My clients come to me to go ALL OUT on their shoot. They want to be pampered. They want a style that is unique and unmatched in Texas
  • Do they offer pro products + digital images? My clients get the best of both worlds, both products from my exclusive vendors and digital images to share with their family.
  • Does your budget meet their price point? The dreaded “money” part. A studio maternity photoshoot costs A LOT to perform. Following is an example of ONE set up: Camera $2,000, Lighting $1,000, Lens $1,000, backdrop $400, ONE DRESS $600+, not to mention that they pay for hair and makeup, 6+ hours editing images, 3-5 hours shooting, paying for my studio space and all software needed to make your experience as seamless as possible such as my website, photoshop, booking software, my actions to edit your skin, etc., last but not least, my craft. My style is unmatched, you won’t get my work anywhere else, plain and simple. My expertise is simply more expensive. ONE SET UP: $5,000+. WOAH, right?”
Studio Maternity Photo Shoot in Austin, Texas
Fine art studio maternity photography

Are you interested in a Fine Art Studio Maternity Photoshoot with Haili Barton Photography? Click here to learn more!

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