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Best Studio Newborn Photographer Austin, Texas

If you’re wondering what a studio newborn photo shoot is like with me, this is the perfect place to look! I will be showing you (and telling you) what a full studio newborn session gallery looks like. This is baby Brady’s newborn session. Only Brady’s mama attended his session. They did not want family or parent shots for their session so this gallery does not include those, but yours can! This is just an example of what an average newborn gallery would look like.

For my newborn shoots I aim for two or three prop shots, posed shots, wrapped shots, and if you want them, parent and sibling shots. My average gallery culled down is 40-60 images.

First, we start off with baby wrapped and get all of those sleepy wrapped shots. I change the outer wrap multiple times so I get several setups from one look, usually props and the fur rug setups. This would be the time I do sibling and family shots. If parents don’t want naked parent poses and choose wrapped shots only, then we would do these then as well. If baby comes in super conked out we may begin with posed shots. It’s hard to say. Every baby is so different!

Newborn Baby Photographer Austin Texas

Next, we move on to the toes out wrap. I’ll usually do this on both a prop and on the beanbag. Who doesn’t love pictures with those hammy little toes? We would unwrap only the top half and do the shots with the baby on his/ her back with the layer on top. I call this the “relaxed pose”.

Following relaxed pose we would do bucket shots, then begin the posed portion of your newborn session. These setups can vary greatly from baby to baby. With Brady we only got two poses, forward facing and froggy before he woke up and was ready to party. I aim for multiple poses but we just never know how easily your baby will transition. Age, cluster feeding, stomach issues, etc. can all be huge deciding factors on how smoothly your little one tolerates being moved frequently!

Finally, we would finish up with naked parent shots. This isn’t an exact model of how a session with me goes, but a general run down of poses I include at every session. Things we may include to give a larger gallery that can be specially requested or are not shown in Brady’s gallery are:

Macro shots (close ups of all of baby’s features)

Parent, sibling, and family shots

Backlit (these are shown in his gallery)

More props/ wrap changes

For my newborn photo shoots I aim for monochromatic set ups. I will do multiple shots of the same pose. These are some examples: with a hat, without a hat, with a bonnet, with a tieback (girls only lol), backlit, straight on, profile, etc. There is always a way for me to get you a large gallery to choose from!

Newborn sessions with me take place between six and ten days of age. I do not shoot over the ten days unless discussed upon at booking, this is how you get the sleepy baby images shown throughout my work.

If you or someone you know are expecting and looking for a studio newborn photographer in Austin, call or text me at 417-629-6796 OR use my contact form at the bottom of the page!

Check out my other blogs to see more newborn or milestone sessions with me!

Newborn Baby Photographer Austin Texas

Best Studio Newborn Baby Photographer Austin Texas

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