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Austin, Texas Newborn Baby Photographer – Is there a Newborn Photography Certification Course?

Newborn Photography Certification

Many prospective clients, and even up and coming photographers, often ask me – “Is there a Newborn Photography Certification Course?” How do I know if my photographer is trained in newborn posing and safety? How does one learn to look for signs of a baby in distress? How does my photographer know that my baby’s airway isn’t being blocked off during posing and wrapping? These are all things that parents need to be asking about their newborn baby photographer.

The answer is, no, there are no certifications or safety courses to take to become a newborn baby photographer that are a legit way of learning. It’s not like college where you earn a degree. Honestly, it’s kinda scary that anyone can pick up a camera and call themselves a “newborn photographer”. Even worse, people can BUY a newborn photography certification online saying that they’re trained in newborn posing and safety and receive a badge for their website, which would basically be false pretenses that they’re trained in newborn baby posing and safety.

While there isn’t anything special that someone can do to certify themselves as an expert in newborn photography, but what they can do is make sure that they’re properly trained by professionals who have been working with babies for 10+ years, as well as spoken with medical professionals on what is/isn’t safe for a newborn baby.

I have compiled a list of how I (Haili) have been trained to work with newborn babies:

  • 2017 In person workshop with Brittany Barton Photography – covering basic wrapping, lighting, posing, and safety techniques
  • 2018 Erin Tole Photography Online re-watchable Birdseye Workshop covering wrapping, posing, lighting, safety techniques, and how to check for signs of distress, too tight of wrapping, etc.
  • 2019-2020+ Hello Little Studios continuous online education covering newborn posing, safety, lighting, wrapping techniques, session design, and more. This education is forever. We do a minimum of one newborn session a month.
  • 2017-2020 Experience. I have learned by working with babies, wrapping babies, hearing what are normal sounds for a baby, watching for purple hands, recognizing and taking their cues, baby led sessions, etc. I have learned the fundamentals from my mentorships and applied it to hands on learning. NOTHING COMPARES TO EXPERIENCE. Just as doctors and nurses have to do clinicals for hands on learning and time performing the job, newborn photographers need that too. There are things that reading, watching, and paying for a fake newborn photography certification cannot help you with, and that is what 4 years of experience has taught me.

Are you interested in mentoring in newborn posing and safety with Austin’s #1 Newborn Baby Photographer? Contact Haili here: https://hailibartonphotography.com/contact

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