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Austin, Texas Newborn Photographer | Wyatt’s Newborn Photos

Newborn Baby Photographer

Haili Barton is a newborn baby photographer located in Austin, Texas specializing in newborn and infant photography.

Newborn Photo Shoot in Austin, Texas

This session is baby Wyatt’s newborn photo shoot. His mama, Melanie, contacted me just after Wyatt was born and was wanting a newborn session with all of her kiddos.

Newborn Photo Shoot in Austin, Texas
Newborn Photo Shoot Austin, Texas

If my parents come in and want sibling shots in addition to their newborn photos, I always start with wrapped up baby poses. Sibling shots are easier done if baby is wrapped up! Melanie’s kiddos were SO amazing for me.

Newborn Photo Shoot in Austin, Texas
Baby Photoshoot Austin, Texas

For older kiddos, I try to do one set up on wood, for variety’s sake. The kid’s outfits matched my style so well! Melanie did an amazing job following my “What to Wear” guide that booked clients receive by choosing warm tones with a rustic feel.

Newborn Photo Shoot in Austin, Texas
Newborn Photos Austin

I usually do a pose of the baby alone on the flokati (furry thing), too. I love how this layout looks in an album.

See the album that I created of this newborn session HERE.

Austin, Texas Photographer

After we do sibling shots, I usually do a wrapped in a bucket shot! So cute. Who doesn’t love a baby in a bucket?

Austin, Texas Newborn Photographer

Next, I usually unwrap the baby and do bucket poses! Buckets are easily one of my favorite shots. There is just something about a baby in a bucket that is so adorable.

Then, I move on to the posed part of a newborn shoot. I prefer to start with the baby unwrapped at the beginning of the newborn photo shoot, but when there are sibling shots to be done, it’s best to get those out of the way in the beginning of the shoot.

Baby Photos Austin, Texas

Check out baby Wyatt’s smile on two of the above photos! He was sooooo smiley during his newborn photo shoot.

Newborn Baby Photos

Fo Wyatt’s session, I actually re-wrapped him in potato sack pose after we were done with the posed shots. I prefer to get those done as soon as possible at the shoot. Babies are happy 99% of the time when they are wrapped. If I get all of the difficult shots done in the beginning, then it’s more likely that the gallery will be large with lots of variety.

Newborn Photography Austin, Texas

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