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Newborn Photography Safety | Austin, Texas Newborn Photographer

When looking for the best newborn photographer in Austin, Texas, you are probably looking for who takes the “best”, “cutest”, “snuggliest” looking photos. However, finding a photographer trained in newborn photography safety should be your #1 reason you choose your baby’s newborn photographer.

When booking with Haili Barton Photography we are not just about a photoshoot. We value newborn safety, comfort, styling, and quite literally go off of the baby’s vibes. We are baby led, meaning we have a set workflow but will work with whatever the baby is offering us that day.

Haili Barton provides a comprehensive luxurious photoshoot experience. Haili started with newborn studio photography seven years ago. She has gone through numerous classes designed to teach effective newborn poses. It is through these courses and years of experience that Haili has discovered her unique newborn style make your baby’s newborn photos look both elegant, and original.

Austin, Texas Newborn Photographer

Haili makes sure that your baby’s safety is her number one concern. For our newborn photoshoots we have our trained newborn photography assistant at the photoshoot to ensure an extra set of eyes and hands are on the baby at all times. Many photographers may understand how to make a photo look pretty. However, a select few have the knowledge and understanding of pediatric anatomy and physiology to ensure those poses are beautiful, and also ergonomically safe for your children.

Newborn Photography Poses | Austin Texas Newborn Photographer

When choosing your baby’s newborn photographer, remember to keep in mind the years of experience that have gone into perfect the craft of photography. With Haili Barton Photography, you will leave your session knowing you made the right decision if you book with us. Our experience will open your eyes to how knowledgable a photographer should be. The photos you receive will leave you with lifelong keepsakes and the experience will leave you with lifelong memories and comfort in knowing you did your research and settled on the perfect photographer for your baby.

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