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Booking Your Maternity Photoshoot | Austin, Texas Studio Maternity Photographer

When booking your maternity photoshoot it is recommended to do some forward planning and book for the future. Most photographers are booked months in advance, so it is important to start looking at around 12 weeks to give you ample time to secure your desired date and not stress out throughout the process. Although we do occasionally have last minute availability we cannot guarantee it.

Booking a maternity photoshoot in austin texas

Booking your maternity photoshoot early is important because we shoot maternity photoshoots between 30 to 34 weeks of pregnancy as an ideal timeframe. During this period you may not be too uncomfortable, making it easier to pose and move during the photoshoot but your belly is cute and round. For pregnancies with a history of preterm labor or multiples we will shoot between 26-30 weeks in term.

austin texas studio maternity photoshoot

By booking your maternity photoshoot in advance you can ensure that you secure your slot with Haili Barton Photography. This will also allow ample to select the best and wardrobe for you and your vision. Having time to prepare will also allow us to plan the details and answer any of your questions. After booking, you can sit back and relax while the studio handles the hard stuff.

We include hair and makeup, wardrobe, prop usage, etc. so not only do we need to prepare for the photoshoot for you, but we also have to ensure that our glam team is not booked, which happens months in advanced. None of us want to be scrambling last minute, nor do we want you stressed out. That being said, we totally can scramble for last minute clients (and trust me, there have been loads of those over the past six years), but we like more of a relaxed vibe if we can control it.

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Remember, everyones pregnancy journey is unique, and it’s essential to discuss the specific timing and recommendations with Haili Barton Photography. Haili will have the expertise to guide you based on her experience and your individual circumstances.

Are you ready to book? Click here to discuss booking your maternity photoshoot with our studio.


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