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How Do You Want to Display Your Portraits? – Austin, Texas Photography Studio

Haili Barton Photography is a premier Austin, Texas Photography Studio. Haili services Austin, Texas and surrounding areas with a fine art, editorial approach to her maternity, newborn, milestone, motherhood, and family portraits.

The Album

How did you envision displaying your portraits? I KNOW that you didn’t plan to leave them on your mobile device. Everyone says “I’ll print them myself eventually.” Let’s be real, you probably haven’t printed the majority of the professional photos on your phone, if any. Who has time for that nowadays? Not me. I JUST printed my son’s newborn portraits and he’s almost two years old. This is my JOB and I didn’t even get to it until then. I kept my photos digital only and actually lost the portraits due to a corrupted drive. I had to contact our photographer and pray that she still had them. Don’t be a Haili.

For most of my clients, they are working 9-5 Monday through Friday. They would rather spend those fleeting, precious moments on maternity leave snuggling their new baby before they go back to the 9-5 life. Once they go back, life is too complicated to sit down and design an album or choose which size canvas will look good on their wall. That’s where I come into play.

For all of my studio shoots I service my clients with professionally printed products. A week after your shoot we will do a virtual viewing and ordering appointment where I’ll show you your images and you choose your favorites and how you’d like to display them. It’s not sales-y at all. It’s “Which images do you love? Which products do you love? Let’s mesh them together and create something beautiful for your home!”

The Luxury Album
My Family Portrait Album: Willow Tree Photography

Are you an Album person?

You probably love having something to hold in your hands. You probably want to reflect back on in the years to come on 15+ images of your child. You probably want to have albums for each child and each life milestone. You probably want to have a lot of images from your shoot without having a ton of wall art, because, let’s be real, you’ll probably love more images than you thought you would.

Austin Texas Photography Studio

Albums are great for clients who want a lot of images from their shoot but in one cute little place, not all over their walls. A lot of clients object to albums, stating, “Albums just collect dust.” DUH. That’s what they’re supposed to do. They’re for you to reflect back on in years. I personally pull my family’s albums out every few months to look at them and cry.

The Luxury Folio Box

Are you a Folio Box person?

Folio boxes are great for those who want to do a collage wall or wall art but also have a storage box for later. The chance that you’ll have the same wall decor and the same prints hanging in 20 years is slim, so this is a great option if you want wall art at this point in your life, but also would like to be able to have an heirloom to pull out later in life after you switch out your prints.

Folio matted prints are printed standard photographic print paper coated with a UV protecting glossy coat and matted to an acid free photo mat board. I seal your matted prints in an acid free plastic sleeve that will give you double protection against fingerprints, spills, normal wear and tear, etc. Most anything that will happen to your prints during your lifetime, they will be protected from via the plastic sleeve.

I offer the standard box for my folio boxes, but you have the option to upgrade to the “luxury box” – pictured above. The luxury box is hand made in Italy, and has a view front window to display your favorite image in.

Luxury Austin Texas Photography Studio, specializing in Maternity and Newborn Portraits.

Museum Grade Canvases

Are you a canvas person?

Canvases are a timeless way of displaying your favorite images from your shoot. My canvases are archival canvases, meaning they are made with museum grade materials. The image is printed on museum grade canvas, stapled to a real wood frame, and mounted with a D-Ring and wire mounting system for easy hanging. Canvases are great if you have a rustic style home, though they are truly a timeless piece no matter the decor. This piece you will literally be able to pass down to your grandchildren, it is that high quality.

Metal Prints

Are you a metal person?

My metal prints are a sleek, modern way of displaying your images. Maybe you have a modern style home, or you intend to change up your decor every few years. This style of wall art will truly suit any home decor, any home style, any color palette. With the float mount design the print will hang off the wall about 1″, creating a beautiful shadow as the light moves throughout your home during the day. The print is covered in a glossy layer to give it that sleek, edgy look that my clients rave about!

Haili Barton Photography is an Austin Texas Photography Studio.

Are you a wooden print person?

My wooden prints are hand made by my professional lab to give your images a rustic feel. Wooden prints are printed on wooden slabs on a felted, velvety style paper. The corners are then hand sanded to give it a natural look. Maybe you have farmhouse style decor in your home, or maybe you’re into natural, earthy tones, textures, and feels. If so, my wooden prints are for you. Offered in several styles and sizes, the wooden prints are an amazing addition to your home decor.

Austin, Texas Photography Studio specializing in Maternity Photography and Newborn Photography.

Are you a framed print person?

With any home decor goes a framed print. Black framed, gold frames, ornate frames, wooden frames, you name it and there’s a frame to go with your style home. My framed prints are printed on professional quality paper through my professional lab and mounted onto a board back print or an archival mat board. Not today, Texas heat and humidity!

You’ll get to choose which frame goes best with your style. You’ll then choose if you want normal glass or non-glare glass (I didn’t even know that this was a thing before!). Your print will then be professionally mounted and professionally installed into your frame and glass of choice.

My clients are obsessed with the 20×20 framed prints that I offer. These prints come with 9 of your favorite images from your session in them, and are the perfect way to have a bunch of images from your session in one perfectly sized piece of wall art!

I don’t want anything printed.

Maybe you’re absolutely against any products at all. Maybe you move too often or you have other reasons that you don’t want to print your products. For those clients I offer Acrylic USB drives with their images on it.

Whatever products your heart (or home) longs for, you are probably here because you want fantastic portraits of your family, yourself, or your baby, and you want to make sure that it’s done right the first time. “Buy nice or buy twice”, that’s my motto. Invest in capturing the people you love the most, and then print it elegantly.

Haili Barton Photography is a Luxury Austin, Texas Photography Studio specializing in Maternity and Newborn Portraits.

Are you interested in a session with Haili Barton Photography? Learn more here!

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