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A lot of clients come to me wondering – Why not digitals? Why are you a full service studio? What does a full service studio even mean?

A full service studio is a photography studio that does not just offer digital images, but instead an experience, a service, and a product. In specific, product that you do not have access to unless you’re a professional photographer from pro labs that are calibrated to our monitors, ensuring that your images come out exactly like I have edited them!

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Austin Newborn Photo Studio

What products do I offer to my clients?

Some examples of products that I offer to my clients are canvases, vivid metal prints, wood prints, and standard photographic prints. Why are these items special?

My canvases are printed on archival canvas material, coated in a UV protecting glossy layer, and mounted to a real wood frame, giving these bad boys a minimum of 100 years in daylight storage and 200 years in dark storage – A true heirloom to pass down!

My prints are printed on standard photographic paper, coated in a UV/fingerprint protecting layer, and either matted on acid free archival mat board or mounted onto styrene backboard. Both are ready to hang in your choice of frame!

best newborn baby photography in austin

What is the full service experience like?

The full service experience with Haili Barton Photography is one on one, we go through the whole process together. I like to ensure that my clients feel confident in their investment and comfortable the entire way there.

1. We chat on the phone to give you a little information prior to coming to my studio.

2. We meet at my studio located in Killeen to have a consult and session design. This is where we will customize your session, receive all of the booking information and welcome guides, and ultimately book your session.

3. We shoot your session. You’ll sit back and relax while my assistant and I work with your little one!

4. We will have your session reveal 1-2 weeks later. This is where you will have your gallery revealed to you via reveal wall and order any additional products or wall art you would like!

5. I will hand deliver your products to you. Yup, even if you live over an hour away!

best newborn baby photography in austin

So why not digitals?

The big question – Why not digitals? Because digitals can corrupt. I’m sure you have had a wedding photographer, a family photographer, maybe even your previous baby’s newborn session, and have you printed any of the images, or has it been something that you have never gotten around to, digitals that sat on your phone or Facebook only?

My daughter was born three years ago. I still haven’t printed her session. My son was born last January. I still haven’t printed his session and get this – I LOST THE USB! So now I have none of my son’s images to ever print. I can literally never have that time back. My family’s session this past fall, I haven’t printed one image. What a hypocrite I am. I’m so busy printing everyone else’s work that I haven’t printed my own. SO, if the professional hasn’t printed them then I doubt you will get to it either.

That being said, let me print for you! Let me lift that burden for you and give you the one-on-one amazing experience that you will RAVE ABOUT to friend’s and family.

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