Fine Art Studio Maternity Session in Austin, Texas

maternity photos austin tx
Behind the Scenes with the Top Maternity Photographer in Austin, Texas
Same set up, different edits! Isn’t it insane how professional photographers can create variety in your gallery?

What an exhausting weekend I have had, shooting two model calls in one day! I had a friend, who is also a photographer, come down from Houston. She wanted to learn how I light and edit my maternity photos. She literally told me on the way back to my house from the studio “Well. I think I’m in love with studio maternity now.” Hahahaha. I’m so happy that I could change her perspective!

I loveeeee black and white portraiture, so timeless!

Studio sessions with me aren’t boring dress change after dress change. We do a ton of fun set ups. I love trying out crazy, new things at my maternity photoshoots, like this odd feather choker.

We called this the “weird chicken thing”, and that’s probably what it’ll be called at your shoot, too.

Not only do we use weird things, we also call them weird things because, well, it’s funny, and it puts everyone at ease. At Briahna’s shoot we called the feather choker the “weird chicken thing”. We named the blingy dress her “stripper outfit”. But HOW AMAZING does the “stripper outfit” look on her? LOL.

Tasteful nude portraiture is my speciality.

Gorgeous, timeless, fine art, absolutely breathtaking, these maternity shoots are what dreams are made of. I want to go back in time and find someone who offers this type of shoot which I literally never have seen before.

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