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austin, texas maternity photoshoot

Haili Barton Photography is a full service maternity photography studio specializing in all things maternity photography. Haili caters to clients in the Austin, TX and surrounding areas with a unique pregnancy photoshoot style and client experience. Learn more about Andrea’s maternity session with Haili below!

austin, texas maternity photoshoot

Andrea was SUCH a fun client to work with! I loved watching her vision for her maternity photos come to life.

austin pregnancy photography

Before my clients book their maternity photoshoot, I send them my maternity questionnaire, which is where I get to learn all about why they booked me, which styles from my portfolio that they love, and really make sure that their maternity photos turn out exactly how my client envisioned them!

maternity photography austin texas

From her questionnaire I immediately knew that Andrea wanted more “modern” style photos for her home. A lot of my clients come to me and only want modern black and white photos with a contemporary feel.

maternity photoshoot austin texas

I think that this simplistic maternity photography style is one of my favorites. I love how you’re not focused on anything but mama and that cute little pregnant belly! I love not using any props, because I feel props distract you from the beauty of the photo.

Austin pregnancy photography

To me, a timeless portrait is one that will stand the test of time, no matter how old the photo is. When I look at the simplistic style shown in Andrea’s maternity gallery, I see photos that in 100 years her grandkids will think, “WOW! Grandma was so beautiful!”

austin nude maternity photography

I also see absolutely nothing wrong with throwing in something with a little more pizzaz. While timeless photos are beautiful, there’s something about looking back on old photos and talking about the clothing and style.

pregnancy photography austin texas

While I try to keep all of my maternity photography as “fad free” as possible, I LOVE how ever evolving the maternity photography industry is. To me, it means that I’ll never get bored!

maternity photography austin

Visit back in a week or so to see Andrea’s maternity photos order with all of her goodies!

austin maternity photoshoot

Are you interested in a maternity photoshoot with Austin, Texas’s #1 Maternity Photographer? Click here to learn more about a maternity session with Haili!

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