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Austin Newborn Photography, Austin Baby Photography, Austin Newborn Photos

Haili Barton is the premier Austin Newborn Photographer. Haili services clients from the Austin, Round Rock, Waco, Temple, and Killeen areas. Offering a full service newborn portrait experience, Haili’s style is both timeless and classic. Haili’s newborn photos also come with gorgeous heirlooms to look back on as the years pass! Read below about baby Baylee’s full newborn and family session with Haili, what the newborn photoshoot experience is like, and the products that her Baylee’s mama purchased for their home!

Austin Newborn Photography, Austin Baby Photography, Austin Newborn Photos
Baylee’s Gallery!

Baylee’s newborn session is one of my favorite to date! My favorite part about specializing in maternity and newborn photography is that when they come back for their newborn photoshoot I get to meet the tiny babies that were in their mama’s belly just a few short weeks ago!

Studio Newborn Baby Photoshoot in Austin Texas
Newborn Posing : Froggy, Modified Bum Up, Forward Facing

Baylee was SO TINY! Weighing in at 6lbs, she was a peanut. Despite the photos looking like she was a peaceful baby, she was actually very alert for most of her session! For her shoot we did froggy pose, forward facing, and a modified bum up, because she was not having it at this point!

My sessions newborn photos are extremely baby led. If baby doesn’t like posed, we’ll do wrapped photos. With baby Baylee, we did froggy and then she woke up so we did wrapped photos. As you can see, she was very alert. LOL. She fell asleep after a feeding and we did the sleeping wrapped photos below.

Once we do the wrapped portion, if baby is still awake, I will do baby mugshots! Sometimes I do these first thing. If baby comes in awake, I’ll do them first, as they make the funniest faces when they’re wide awake! These usually take 5-10 minutes to shoot. Can you believe that babies make so many funny faces in that amount of time?

While the baby is wrapped, we’ll do the sibling and family photos. I LOVE the naked baby posing shown in my work, but when there are siblings and family poses to get through it’s not realistic to do them. Babies are being passed around from siblings photos, mama poses, dad poses, whole family, etc.

Baylee and Peyton are the cutest sisters I think I have ever had in studio. Peyton listened to me the whole time, for both her mama’s maternity photos and her sisters newborn photoshoot. This is so rare with kiddos her age! Not to worry if you have a rowdy toddler. I can composite multiple images together to create one amazing photo for you. 😉

Family photos are usually last! While I’m getting through all of the sets shown above, mama is relaxing and getting her hair and makeup done. By the time I’m finished with the wrapped and posing, she’s ready to go. Hair and makeup services are included with my newborn photoshoots. My hair and makeup artist will come to the studio and do your makeup while I’m doing the first half of the session, so you can feel free to roll out of bed and show up. Hahahaha.

Austin, Texas Newborn Photographer

The Products:

Viktoria decided to display Baylee’s Newborn Photos with a large wooden print of their favorite family photo, a wooden 12×12 trio of dad’s favorite images of her, their favorite 20×20 framed nine baby mugshot images, and a grandparent book of baby Baylee! They also chose a few digital images to share with friends and family on social media. Have you thought about how you’d like to display your images from your baby’s newborn photoshoot in your home?

Are you interested in a newborn session with the #1 Austin Newborn Photographer? Click here to see more of Haili’s newborn photos!

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