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Maternity Photoshoot in Austin, Texas | Jazel’s Maternity Photoshoot

Haili Barton Photography is the #1 Austin Maternity Photographer. Specializing in all things maternity photoshoot related, Haili offers a unique full service experience. Read more about Jazel’s maternity photoshoot!

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Best Austin Maternity Photoshoot

I always get a TON of questions regarding WHEN to book your maternity photoshoot, and while every photographer is different, I personally am in such high demand that you HAVE to book 2-4+ months in advanced to secure a slot on my maternity photography calendar.

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Jazel booked her maternity photos very far in advanced, and thank goodness for that because I was SLAMMED with sessions during her photoshoot time frame. Once arrived at her photoshoot, Jazel got her hair and makeup done by my amazing hair and makeup artist @BananaBlendBlinxx. In 2021, I did include hair and makeup at my photoshoots, but I have transitioned to not offering these services due to scheduling conflicts with artists. I offer hair and makeup at the studio only upon request now!

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I have ALL of the props, dresses, lighting, etc. needed for your maternity photoshoot here at the studio. I do not ask you to bring ANYTHING but a nude seamless thong and a strapless nude bra if yours fits, still. I think this is such a huge selling point for my clients, because most of my gowns range from $600-$1,500+ PER gown, and for that reason alone, their photoshoot essentially pays for itself.

Best austin texas maternity photoshoot

A photoshoot without hair and makeup takes about 1-2 hours, and with hair and makeup, it will take 3-4 hours. Hair and makeup take around 1.5-2 hours, depending on the look. I do have snacks and drinks here at the studio if you get hungry, but I always encourage my clients to eat a good breakfast before the shoot!

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At her reveal, Jazel purchased 32 digital images, a 20 image album, and my 5×7 crystal block! I will update with her product video once everything comes in!

Are you interested in a maternity photoshoot with Haili, Austin’s #1 Maternity Photographer? Please click here!

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    Your images are pure perfection! I love the variety you give in your galleries too!

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