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Haili Barton Photography is a luxury Austin, Texas Newborn Photographer specializing in newborn photos, offering a full service studio newborn portrait experience to her clientele. With over four years of experience, Haili is highly trained specialized in her field!

Pink and neutrals? I gotchu. Aspen looked PHENOMENAL on these colors, and I don’t usually love babies on pink! Aidyn requested the top left photo prior to her shoot, so I made all of her dreams come true when I found the exact composite for her.

I’m a little late blogging Aspen’s newborn photos, as she’s already almost a YEAR old. I know, I know. I just love her newborn photoshoot gallery so much that I have to share!

The most perfect neutral palette <3

Aspen’s mama, Aidyn, was a last minute booking that we scheduled for the following weekend during our phone consult. We scheduled her newborn photos, had everything ready to go, and then DAYS before her shoot… COVID hit…. Yay. With everything so up in the air we decided to push Aspen’s newborn photos rather than cancel the whole shoot. We waited SIX WHOLE WEEKS to shoot her newborn photos. I got her in the minute that the lockdown lifted!

SO many baby expressions for her mugshots!

I’ll be honest, I was a little worried. I’ve photographed many older newborns during my time and it’s always hit or miss – the baby is a sleeping angel or the baby doesn’t sleep because they’re older and more awake. It truly can go either way with them.

Lo and behold, Aspen was THE SWEETEST most angelic baby that I have had in a while. Not that all of my babies aren’t sweet, she was just extra extra sweet! She slept soooo good that we flew through her session. She also performed most spectacularly for her baby mugshots (shown above) hehe.

I LOVEEE froggy in daddy’s hands! Also, look at her little lips in the bottom right one. I CANNOT.

Aspen’s parents, Aidyn and Devin, were so amazing and relatable. I love when I can truly have a conversation with my clients, and when they accept me for all of my weirdness, whatever that means! LOL. We sat and laughed and talked for hours. It was glorious.

Aidyn’s fiancĂ©, Devin, is a painter and we set up an awesome partnership where he will do my oil paintings for my clients. I have yet to order one from him, and I really should get on that, but like everything else in my life, and I’m sure yours, it just gets pushed to the back burner. That’s just one more reason toooooooo… LET ME PRINT YOUR WORK FOR YOU. Sorry for all of the caps, I’m just feeling extra extra today apparently hahaha.

The most perfect family photos. I have the black and white one with Aspen smiling as a sample in my studio!


Below is Devin and Aidyn’s album that I designed for them! This is such a BEAUTIFUL timeless album; easily one of my favorite album’s that I have ever designed. I went with a pure white album and gold debossing of her name – “Aspen Victoria” on the front cover.

The exterior.
The interior album design.

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