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We Are Moving!

Change is the only constant in life, they say, and for Haili Barton Photography, change brings a thrilling new chapter. After three fulfilling years at 7 W Central Ave in Temple, Texas, Haili Barton is bidding farewell to her beloved studio and saying hello to a brand new location in Pflugerville. The new address, 2512 W. Pecan St #220, Pflugerville, TX 78660, marks the beginning of an exciting journey for Haili and her clients alike.

Reflecting on the past three years, Haili fondly recalls the countless memories created within the walls of her Temple studio. From capturing the glow of expectant mothers to the joyous chaos of toddlerhood, each moment has been precious and significant. However, as Haili’s passion and clientele continued to grow, it became evident that a larger space was needed to accommodate this flourishing business.

The decision to relocate was not made lightly. Haili acknowledges the bittersweet emotions that come with leaving behind familiar surroundings and cherished memories. Yet, she embraces the change wholeheartedly, viewing it as an opportunity for growth and expansion. The move symbolizes a new beginning, filled with endless possibilities and the chance to connect with a broader audience in the Pflugerville area.

Haili’s photography is more than just a profession; it’s a passion deeply rooted in her desire to make her clients feel beautiful and empowered. Specializing in capturing the beauty of pregnancy, the tenderness of the postpartum period, and the magic of toddlerhood, Haili approaches each session with warmth, creativity, and a genuine love for her craft.

With the new studio in Pflugerville, Haili is eager to continue her mission of celebrating life’s precious moments. The spacious surroundings offer ample room for creativity to flourish, ensuring that each client receives a personalized and unforgettable experience. Whether it’s a maternity shoot, newborn session, or family portrait, Haili Barton Photography is dedicated to delivering timeless images that capture the essence of every stage of life.

As Haili Barton Photography embarks on this exciting new journey, clients old and new are invited to join in the celebration. The move to Pflugerville is not just a change of address; it’s a reaffirmation of Haili’s commitment to her craft and her clients. Together, let’s embrace the beauty of change and look forward to creating many more cherished memories in the years to come. Welcome to the next chapter of Haili Barton Photography!

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