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Baby Girl Newborn Session in Austin, TX

austin tx baby photography
Newborn Session in Austin, TX

This past weekend I did a newborn session model call. Unlike most babies that I have in the studio, baby girl was SO fussy. Despite this, we still got a large gallery of 25 images for her parents to choose from!

Newborn Session in Austin, TX
Baby Mugshots

When I first get a baby in the studio, if they’re awake, I like to do baby mugshots. These are images that capture your baby awake and show the many, many, expressions that the baby makes. You wouldn’t believe how many faces they will make in just 5-10 minutes!

Newborn Session in Austin, TX
Ombre color palette. I would love to see this displayed as a wall collage!

I usually try to color coordinate my galleries. I love using earthy colors with an organic feel. A lot of my clients say that they come to me specifically for this!

Newborn Session in Austin, TX

I started her session with wrapped shots, changing out different bonnets, tiebacks, and adding unique textures to give the variety some gallery, but also change up the look for her parents!

Newborn Session in Austin, TX
She looked so amazing on purple!

When I do wrapped shots, I like to change the outer wrap and furs, and use a combination of different props. The reason that I do this is because if I go to unwrap her and she absolutely hates me, I at least have 3-4 different set ups of her wrapped for them to choose from.

Newborn Session in Austin, TX
Wrapped shots and bucket posing

The next thing we did after wrapped poses was her in a bucket! Nothing cuter than a baby in a bucket. One of the shots that I have started taking that EVERY parent buys is a backlit shot of the baby in a bucket. This shot shows all of the fuzzy hairs on their face, the long eyelashes, and just really captures the unique features that only a newborn baby has.

Newborn Session in Austin, TX

I try to do all of the naked posing back to back. So, the next thing we did was her on a bed. How cuteeeee?

Newborn Session in Austin, TX
Parent shots with daddyy

We then moved on to the parent poses. Parent poses alwayssssss have a spotter next to them. I always have an assistant at my shoots so that it is one less stress for the parents. A lot of the parent posing shown is composited in photoshop. LEARN WHAT A COMPOSITE IS HERE.

Newborn Session in Austin, TX
One of the family shots that I usually take!

I try to do parent posing last because I prefer the baby to be naked for these. If there is a sibling, I usually have to do wrapped unless the sibling is older in age.

Newborn Session in Austin, TX
Mom posing, my favorite <3

The last set up that we did was froggy pose. She was very difficult by the end of the session because she was cluster feeding that week. Cluster feeding is when a baby likes to nurse/ eat non-stop because they are going through a growth spurt. This usually happens around two weeks of age, and she was 16 days.

Newborn Session in Austin, TX
Froggy Pose

So… That’s a wrap! That’s what we did at her session. It wasn’t as large as a typical gallery with me, but we were really crunched on time and she was a really, really hard baby to pose!

Are you interested in a newborn session with me? Learn more here!

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